Here at Hillbilly Martial Arts & Gym, I use a science-based approach to design our remote coaching clients program. I start with initial testing to see the client's mechanics, strength, muscular endurance, speed, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness at work.

After initial testing, I start them in a General Physical Preparation phase(GPP), where the athlete will be preparing for the bio-energetic demands of the strength & conditioning programs. The athlete will be putting on muscle mass/body armor during this phase if needed.

During the strength phase of the training program, I'll take a triphasic approach to overload the system, allowing the body to adapt to the demands of the training. There will be very little conditioning done at this point, allowing the body to adjust to the proper demands of the training program efficiently.

The power phase will be taking a more velocity-based approach. In this phase, the athlete utilizes loads between 85%-55% of 1RM (One Rep Max). Plyometrics and conditioning are added back into the program, preparing for the season to come.

The peaking phase will be the most important to structure. Here we get the athlete's body and nervous system to learn how to utilize the strength and power that the athlete has gained into a more sports performance application. In this phase, we use loads under 55% of 1RM, still taking a velocity-based approach, just like our power phase. Depending on the sport, we take a gymnastics approach to get the athlete to develop kinesthetic awareness.

This article is the general overview of how I structure the training program here at Hillbilly Martial Arts & Gym for our remote coaching clients. Contact me with any questions on how I would structure a program, or if you would be interested in becoming a remote coaching client. #remotecoaching #athlete #athleticdevelopment #triphasic #strength #conditioning #GPP

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